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Do you want to end your day flaming??

you also want to have less stress right?


you want to worry less,  right?


you want to enjoy life more,  right?


🔥 🔥 🔥   Do you want to end your day with flaming energy?!!


Are you tired of having ZERO energy at the end of the day to do nice things?


As a result, you start worrying about your life and staring aimlessly at the TV again for hours, folding the laundry again, netflixing again for the umpteenth time (and all that)

And I totally understand, you’re not alone here. Most people with busy lives have trouble distributing their energy throughout the day, which often makes them tired in the evening and everything is too much.


That is why I offer different training programs within Syl & Mind to help you, to get the tools to gain more insight into first of all yourself. What energizes you and what are your stress triggers & energy leaks, without you realizing it?

During a Mindfulness process with personal Coaching of myself, you go from running on an empty battery to a life where you make conscious choices for yourself, so that you experience less stress and know what your energy leaks are.

🔥 🔥   🔥  If you want to end your day flaming:


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