Meditation training

Sylvia Ebbens-Wenting

Mindfulnesstrainer & Stress management Coach

Your mind is like a parachute, it only works when it's open

Are you new to meditation and / or Mindfulness and not quite sure if you want to join a complete 8 week training? Or, have you been practicing in the past and want to pick up the rythem again? Then it might be interesting for you to consider a meditation training.

To practice with the guidance of an experienced teacher has many benefits. As a trainer I can provide a safe environement for you to experiment in. Together we will explore the several levels of awareness and step by step we will increase the length. My guidance style is to always explain you a bit of background and theory behind the meditation type, so when you practice at home, you know in which context you can use this as well.

The duration per session and training we can decide together depending on your experience level and personal cirumstances.

Let’s have a (online) coffee together so we can discuss how I would be able to support you with this.

7 Benefits of meditation

1. Better focus and concentration
2. Improved Self-esteem and self-awareness
3. Reduce stress
4. Manage anxiety or depression
5. Fight long embedded patterns
6. Control Pain
7. Making you more kind and loving