In-Company Mindfulness Almere

How would your employees rate their overall “wellbeing at the workplace”?

You offer the amazing coffee bar, a chair massage every month and healthy lunch options, but that does not mean your employees will automatically have a better mental wellbeing. Specially this last year was very demanding for people worldwide. Working more from home, dealing with the potential anxiety around Covid-19, insecurities and stress around their jobs and a lot of mixing of work- and personal time.

Mindfulness can support people to become more aware of how they are actually doing. By applying Mindfulness at the workplace not only indivuduals but also teams will be better able to:

  • Recognize bourdaries and learn not to cross these anymore
  • Have more empathy for colleagues and their needs and form better collaborating teams
  • Have a better concentration by taking regular brakes
  • Be better leaders
  • Be more creative
  • Have more fun!

Syl & Mind can support your organization by giving information on stress management and offer different packages to introduce Mindfulness:

  • Stress management presentation
  • MBSR training to teams
  • MBSR training to individuals
  • Implementing a Mindfulness sustainable program into your organization.

Curious on how Mindfulness could improve the overal wellbeing for your company? Please reach out to me so we can brainstorm on all the options.


Paula Donohoe - Project Manager Tommy Hilfiger

The sessions were relaxed, a joy, and something I really valued. The atmosphere was so nice and I felt free to open up to the group.
I have been gifted the tools to change habits I have had for more than 40 years. I am looking forward to using them to make positive changes in my day to day life and to start nurturing my own well being.