Dealing with Stress

Do you spend a lot of time worrying and do you overthink most things? Can you really connect to how you feel or are you stuck in your mind?  When you have a stressfull period, do you notice this immediately, or only when you feel exhausted and have tight muscles afterwards?

Do not worry. A lot of people experience this when they suffer from chronic stress in their lives without paying honest attention to this.

When you are not dealing with stress properly, the long run symptoms of stress (fatigue, short temper, faster heart beat, loss of concentration ect) literally can make your body sick. Heart disease, high blood pressure, weight loss / gain, mental illnesses, organ failures, burn-out. These are unfortunately commonly caused by stress.

Our modern world is so focussed on our mental capabilities & performance, we receive so many signals and stimuli on a daily base, that we somehow forget we have a body. When you loose the this connection, you loose the connection with your feelings, emotions and bodysensations.

And all these beautiful triggers help to inform you on how you are really doing.. 

Do you also want get out of your head in into your body for a better balance in life?

By reconnecting your mind & body, you can understand your needs better,  learn how you react to situations, start to understand which bahaviour is not helping, plus, to replace these with new bahaviour. This will bring balance into your live as you are living more from your real and honest experiences and emotions. This way you will no longer ignore the stress triggers in your life and you will get tools to be dealing with stress.

Via the platform Uit Je Hoofd In Je Lijf I now offer an online stress management training: Dealing With Stress.

In a personal E-learning environment you will work through 6 modules combining Mindfulness, positive psychology & heart coherence techniques. Each module consists of video’s and theoretical explanation of the theme. But ofcourse new skills are not taught by reading about it, you will have to get to work! A combination of daily breathing exercises, short meditations and observation diaries, will ensure you will bring the theory to practice and really embed these new skills.

You can work through each module in your own pace and when you finished a module, we will have a coaching session together of approx 1-1,5 hours.

As an “Uit je hoofd in je lijf Coach” I hope to welcome you personally soon.

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``Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, do not turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it``. - Michael Jordan