About me

Sylvia Ebbens-Wenting

In a nuttshell:

• I am a certified Category 1 Mindfulness Trainer and Stress Management coach
• I have 13+ years’ experience in an International Fashion environment
• As a Project Manager I am used to dealing with deadlines and changing surroundings
• I have brought teams together cross functionally and teach them more empathy for the “other side”
• Stress I learned to deal with over the years through my meditation practice
• In communication my focus is to listen first
• I love to show parents they do not have to neglect themselves in order to be the best parent they can be
• Although the topics I teach can be very serious, I bring these with a certain lightness and humor

Science & spirituality

When I turned 30, I noticed I had achieved many things, but could not enjoy them and I was unhappy. At that time what I perceived as the worst thing, turned out the best thing that ever happened to me: I was burned out.. I needed to find a way to have a more sustainable way of living and also enjoy this life and myself more. This new way I found through practicing meditation and Mindfulness as a lifestyle.

  • I am spiritually curious
  • I love to read books about buddhism to understand the heritage of Mindfulness better
  • I follow teaching to learn more about the body & mind connection
  • I have a strong interest for the (neuro) science behind Mindfulness & stress management.

All these elements make me an intuitive trainer with both feet planted solid into the earth.

Curious about what I can offer, have a look at the training & workshops and coaching pages. When you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Warm regards Syl


Ophelie Querol

Ophelie Querol

Sylvia is really nice and an experienced trainer. She make you feel comfortable. It's a perfect environment to learn and enjoy the training

Carolien Houwerzijl
Project Manager Calvin Klein

The world comes much less heavier on me after 8 trainings. I feel that I am in charge again and can decide myself.

Sylvia was an amazing teacher

Paula Donohoe
Project Manager Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein

The sessions were relaxed, a joy, and something I really valued. The atmosphere was so nice and I felt free to open up to the group. I have been gifted the tools to change habits I have had for more than 40 years. I am looking forward to using them to make positive changes in my day to day life and to start nurturing my own well being.

I learned to focus on "nothing"

Lola Schrooten

To see my thoughts coming by and leaving again like clouds passing by. I have a better knowledge about people having stress and how to deal with them. And of course, how to deal with my own stress. I really enjoyed the group company, to listen to other peoples thoughts and concerns.