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3 Minute breathing space powerhouse

If you ever attended a MBSR course you probably still remember or even practice the 3 minute breathing space. It might be the shortest, but it definitely it one of the most powerful practices. Below I will explain what the steps are and how you can benefit from this short meditation powerhouse.

What is the 3 Minute breathing space?

Step 1: Attend to all there is

In this first step you notice everything that comes to your attention. Body sensations, tension, thoughts, emotions & sounds. As if you are switching on all your senses for approx. 1 minute. Important during this first step is, you observe without the need to change anything. Even if what you notice is unpleasant, you allow it to be there without judgement.

Step 2:  Switch your focus to your breath

In this second step your complete focus goes to your breath. Notice where in your body you notice your breath best. Again, without the need to change and without judgement.

Step 3:  Widen your focus back to all there is

In this last step you keep a light focus on your breath and widen your attention to include your body as a whole and the space you take in the room.

What does the 3 Minute breathing space do?

In this short meditation you create a check-in with yourself to basically see how you are doing, shift your focus from what is on your mind to your breath and as a last step moving on to the rest of your day. After the exercise you can ask yourself the question “what do I need in order to continue with my day in the best possible way’? The answer you will give yourself will come from a more conscious awareness rather than a automatic pilot mode.

When do you apply the 3 Minute breathing space?

This short powerhouse meditation you can apply basically everywhere you are as all you need is yourself 😊 Because of the length it is easy to apply as a break in your work schedule, or in-between 2 tasks, meetings, phonecalls, before your pick-up the name it.


Do you want to experience the meditation yourself? You can listen to a 3 minute breathing space here

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